Creating Lasting Loyalty for Bavarian Inn

Bavarian Inn needed to build an enhanced customer experience, glean data from separate locations, and identify and incentivize high performing guests. Snipp guided the evolution of Bavarian Inn’s loyalty program, “Bavarian Inn Perks Club”, towards a truly unique offering in its industry. The revised Bavarian Perks Club is changing the game by integrating 3 different POS systems, a payment system, and a prominent gift card partner into one platform, and automates previously manual processes for both Bavarian Inn and its customers. These three separate technologies are unified through Snipp, who receives and manages points updates real-time. In the new Bavarian Perks Club, members can enroll in the “Pay to Play” program  by purchasing their membership online at – on any device. On their first arrival, they can pick up their gold member card, and begin earning points and rewards immediately, by shopping at any participating location. Bavarian Inn Perks Club also leverages SnippCheck, allowing members to earn additional points simply by uploading their receipt if a user forgets their Perks Club card at point of purchase.