Burger King Kuwait Go Mega Game

Situation: Burger King Kuwait wanted to offer a unique brand experience and interactive mobile game. They looked to award the top 3 eligible scorers with a grand prize –  two tickets to Spain to watch a Spanish Soccer League (LaLiga) match in Barcelona.

Solution: We put QR codes on their packaging that drove consumers to Go Mega: an addicting, interactive shootout-style soccer game that can be played from any mobile device. After entering their information, consumers are immersed in the game, defending the goal while collecting Burger King burgers along the way. They are encouraged to share with friends and family through social media channels.

“Burger King is a brand that loves to engage, to be part of life,” Angelos Arampatzis, Marketing Director at Burger King Kuwait, said. “Not only did we arrange to have collectable LaLiga glasses, but we also thought that we’d call Snipp to add some flavor to the action and it seems that they did. The Go Mega campaign resulted in a significant growth in our social media sites and increased our interactivity with the customers.  With Snipp’s help we were able to prove, let’s say, that although we are the best in making burgers, we can also try to be the best in engaging with nice, simple ideas with our guests, our customers. What was great is that the whole activation flowed without a hiccup and more importantly, our very devoted store crew never felt any concerns or problem arising with our customers."

Press Coverage: http://www.mobilecommercedaily.com/burger-king-leverages-on-pack-qr-codes-to-activate-soccer-themed-mobile-game