B2B Dentist Rebate Program for Colgate

Colgate Professional Dentist Rebate Program web


Colgate wanted to provide Teeth Whiting kits to dentists nationwide and they needed a technology partner help to prove how well the kits work and to incentivize dentists.

This was a B2B program (HIPPA compliant) between Colgate and Dentists and it was : no patient information was being given.
Snipp created a digital rebate program where Dentists simply uploaded a unique code that was given to them on the Teeth Whiting Kits at https://opticwhitesurvey.colgatedirect.com/ , filled out a survey on the patient experience, and optionally they could upload their patients' before and after photos.
Snipp validated all data and at the end of the program, Colgate securely received a copy of the submissions to validate the dentist's codes. Colgate then provided Snipp with the final valid dentist list and Snipp emailed valid dentists with a link to a $150 digital gift card (up to 3 rewards per dentist in total).

Snipp Solutions :  Snipp Digital Rebates, Receipt Processing