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Snipp Revolutionizes Rebates with One-of-a-Kind RebateCenter 

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Snipp Revolutionizes Rebates with One-of-a-Kind RebateCenter 

Launching and managing rebates has never been easy for brands. Brands have to consider many factors in the rebate set up process, and have traditionally needed extensive supervision from their rebate vendors, all which can be costly, timely, and ultimately, inefficient.

Traditional rebates have also been limited; everything from the currency options that were available to pay consumers, to the long timelines that vendors imposed on brands, ultimately leading to negative experiences for both consumers and brands alike. 

We are excited to launch the Snipp RebateCenter, a solution that digitizes rebates and enables clients to easily set up and manage rebate programs across brands. The platform allows a single point for consumers to submit for and access rebates. The platform is an efficient and timely solution, particularly for brands seeking to set up multiple rebate promotions. 

Some of the features: 

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