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    Rewards | Loyalty Rewards

    Rewards Trends: Providing Incentives for Engaged Customers That Work

    Customer incentive programs or customer reward programs are meant to motivate customers to become repeat buyers—but the best incentive strategies moti...

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    Receipt Processing | Rewards

    2021 Trends in the Beauty Industry Every CPG Brand Needs to Know

    With shopping habits and preferences changing—during and post-pandemic—consumer expectations for beauty brands are also changing. Digital try-on exper...

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    Owned-Paid-Earned Media | White Paper

    Power Up your Promotions – The Amplification Toolbox

    The marketing world has seen a sea change in tactics and technologies, and campaigns often strive to incorporate these innovations in order to ‘wow’ a...

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    Rewards | SnippRewards

    The Power of Rewards

    Ensuring a brand is top-of-mind for consumers is every marketer’s goal – a good rewards strategy can be key to making that happen. Attractive rewards ...

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    Brand Loyalty | Consumer engagement

    Three Reasons Why CPG Loyalty Will Dominate This Year

    The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is massive. In the year 2016, the CPG sales revenue has clocked about 769.7 billion US dollars in US alone....

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    Data Collection | Loyalty Programs

    Three Factors That Make or Break Loyalty Success

    It is an established fact that loyalty programs tend to roll out astonishing returns for companies that run them. Having said this, there is a plethor...

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    Cash Back | Trends

    4 Rewards Trends that will Transform your Promotions in 2017

    Technologies, behaviors, and demographics are changing rapidly, and brands can have a tough time keeping up with the evolution of the rewards landscap...

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