Punch Card Loyalty Program App for Spencer’s

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Spencer’s wanted to drive loyalty & basket across a portfolio of products. They needed a multi-channel platform that could connect diverse Physical stores, e-Commerce Stores and Pop-up Store infrastructure. They also needed a vendor who could rapidly scale and run various multichannel activations. 

Snipp delivered an Omnichannel solution to cover all store types - Physical, Ecomm and pop-up stores. The first implementation includes a Punch Card Loyalty Mobile App where customers can submit receipts from purchases made from over 600+ stores in the US (real time EPOS integration) to earn punches. Once the Punch Card is complete, they earn free items & rewards. The app also allows for consumers to track punches and redeem their free items in store  

Phase 2 will include more categories, expansion into Canada and e-commerce, and pop-up store integration. The data generated helps Spencer’s understand sophisticated purchase habits and enhances segmentation capability and personalization to build a deeper relationship with their customers 

SnippCARE also allowed them to future-proof their investment to not only tie their physical stores and present a consistent experience across its channels but also to allow for rapid and efficient launch of multiple promotion types (Instant Wins, Sweepstakes, Gift with Purchase, Rebates, Points based, etc) 

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