Loyalty Gaming Experience to Drive Customer Engagement for Dave & Buster’s

Gambit + D&B case study (1)


Dave & Buster’s was looking for ways to enhance their loyalty program by integrating their sports events with their player tickets through their rewards app.

Gambit (a Snipp company) is integrated into the Dave & Buster’s Rewards app driving deeper engagement while+ offering their consumers a differentiated rewards experience. The integration enables customers to turn their D&B points into Gambit tokens to place free bets on sports while watching them at Dave & Buster’s venues or at home. Winners can collect more Dave & Buster’s points, driving higher engagement and revenue generation.

Features include:

  • Consumers can place bets on games across various sports
  • Connects “Watch” to the D&B point system
  • Convert winnings back into D&B chips
  • Special promotions during key sporting events

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