JamesHardie Rewards Loyal Consumers with Targeted Sweepstakes



Situation: JamesHardie wanted to reward its repeat customers that purchase their HardieBacker product multiple times. They were looking to launch a pilot program that only targeted specific Lowes stores in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area.

Solution: Snipp facilitated a media buy targeting contractors and DIY homeowners in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area and worked with one of its agency partners to create a campaign around a three month loyalty sweepstakes to drive and reward repeat purchase.

With SnippCheck, Snipp’s image and receipt processing solution, shoppers that purchase HardieBacker at 24 Lowes stores can email or upload their receipt to get an entry into the HardieBacker Sweepstakes. SnippCheck validates the receipt date, product SKU, and store number and enters the user into the sweepstakes. The more receipts submitted, the more entries the consumer receives.

Drawings are held every month with grand prizes including VIP parking and two tickets to a luxury suite at Wrigley field for a Chicago Cubs home game!

Other prizes include a roofing pneumatic nailer, workwear jacket, flat screen TV, tablet, and branded James Hardie merch such as sweatshirts and hats.