What is Loyalty Gaming?

Learn how loyalty gaming works, how it integrates with customer loyalty programs and why it's valuable for companies and consumers

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    About Loyalty Gaming

    Loyalty Gaming is the ability to redeem loyalty points, promotions or other incentives to place free wagers on sports or iGaming. With Loyalty Gaming, players use free tokens to pick their favorite sports team, play instant win games and other contests without worrying about losing their hard-earned money, players only use their loyalty points or other forms of free entry.

    Loyalty Gaming offers a completely unique free-to-play experience, allowing players to place wagers with their points.

    What are the benefits of Loyalty Gaming for loyalty programs?

    • Increase Engagement: win cash, but only risk points. Loyalty Gaming is a fun, casual gaming experience.
    • Increase Retention: players access Loyalty Gaming contests by redeeming loyalty points. To keep playing, players must engage further with their Loyalty Program.
    • Program Differentiation and User Acquisition: Instead of offering another free promotion, it offers a free-to-play, gamified experience! This attractive rewards alternative.
    • Liability Management: players can elect to cash out their winnings in the form of more loyalty points with their rewards program. This creates a new mechanism for low balance customers to both burn their points, and increase their balances, thereby reengaging them with the loyalty program.

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