Charting a Course for the Future of Martech

Customer preferences are evolving – and so is Martech.



The Way People Shop Has Changed

Technology has changed the way customers gather information, investigate products, and make purchasing decisions. Today’s consumers expect convenience and personalization as standard. This is forcing brands and retailers to rethink how they connect with customers – and Martech is at the forefront.

The Wise Marketer CEO, Bill Hanifin, sat down with Snipp VP of Sales & Business Development, Anthony Aguiar, to hear his thoughts on the future of Martech for contests and sweepstakes and building customer loyalty.

Watch this short but insightful conversation to discover:

  • The biggest Martech changes happening today
  • What zero-party receipt data is
  • How to perform a comprehensive basket analysis from a simple receipt
  • How to join the dots and identify your customers

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