Dave & Buster's + Gambit Sportsbook!

Bringing sports betting fun to Dave & Buster’s
customers via the D&B Rewards app!


Dave & Buster's + Gambit Sportsbook!

Gambit provides Dave & Buster’s with Free Sports Betting Rewards!

Gambit (a Snipp company) is integrated into the Dave & Buster’s Rewards app to offer consumers a differentiated rewards experience. The integration enables customers to turn their D&B points into Gambit tokens to place free bets on sports - with no risk and plenty of rewards! Winners receive more D&B tickets!

Features include:

  • Connect “Watch” to the D&B point system
  • Place bets on games across various sports
  • Bets include 'pick the winner', 'play the odds' and 'over/under bets'
  • Track and manage points within the app
  • Convert winnings back into D&B chips
  • Special promotions during key sporting events


  • Differentiated rewards experience
  • Increased engagement with free sports betting
  • Driving on premise revenue
  • Manage outstanding point liability

Consumers can now enjoy time with friends at Dave & Buster's or at home while betting on games!

The Dave & Buster's Rewards app is available on the App Store and Google Play. The program is starting in Texas and going nationwide soon!

Want to know more? Contact us today to learn more about Gambit and how you can maximize your rewards. 


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