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    SPRING IS IN THE AIR— which means for many of us, it’s almost time for spring cleaning! The annual window-opening, organizing, deep-cleaning ritual many consumers take part in will no doubt have an added twist of extra precaution amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The global health crisis rocked the household cleaners market, with concerns of efficacy to kill the virus and the demand for aerosol disinfectants skyrocketing in March.

    With the household cleaning market still in the process of stabilizing, how can you leverage spring cleaning in your promotional strategy this year? We’ve put together a handy guide on some key trends and the impact of the pandemic on the cleaning products market—and some tips on how to clean up in these competitive times!

    Home Cleaning Statistics:

    • The household cleaners market is expected to reach $6.208 billion in 2021, with annual growth of 0.6% (cagr 2021-2025)
    • US consumers spent an average of $185.30 per household on laundry and cleaning supplies in 2019
      78% of people engage in spring cleaning every year
    • 45% of people spend up to 1 hour a week cleaning their home
    • 60% of people have increased their home cleaning as a result of Covid-19
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    Trend #1: Demand for Transparent Labeling

    Brands can build trust by disclosing all the ingredients they use in their products and educating consumers on safety and efficacy considerations. With digital tools, potential buyers could view all this information on the packaging itself, through a smart label. Innovative campaigns in other industries are already using augmented reality (AR) apps that allow consumers to just point their smartphone cameras at product labels to unlock a world of static and animated information—from ingredient lists to videos, even giving them a glimpse into the entire supply chain or manufacturing processes being used.

    Case Study: SC Johnson:

    SC Johnson launched its “What’s Inside” initiative as a commitment to transparency by listing every ingredient used in their products via a dedicated website.

    “The SmartLabel QR code initiative” allows consumers to use their smartphones to scan QR codes on product labels, leading them to SmartLabel landing pages that provide additional details about the product, including manufacturing location or ingredient origin, as well as any updated claims or warnings. Launched by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, this initiative has led top consumer brands such as PepsiCo, Unilever, and Nestlé to adopt SmartLabels.


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    Trend #2: Showcase Brand Values via Social Media

    For CPG brands, it can be difficult to foster a relationship or allegiance with the end users of their products. For consumers to feel a sense of loyalty, they need to feel invested in the story behind a brand and in its core values. Corporate social responsibility initiatives are ways that CPG brands reveal their core values, and social media can be the perfect tool to showcase their stories. However, as much as social media audiences can elevate brands that lead such initiatives, they are just as able to smell out empty self- promotion and turn their backs. Authenticity is key.

    Campaign Example: Tide Loads of Hope

    Tide’s Loads of Hope campaign has volunteered to provide laundry services free of cost in disaster-hit areas since 2005, most recently showing up for Hurricane Harvey’s 2017 devastation in Texas. The Loads of Hope truck, a mobile laundry truck outfitted with 12 washers and dryers, has been called into service by residents and first responders via Twitter, leading to a wide social media following.

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    Trend #3: Be Creative with Video Content

    Videos can be a particularly effective marketing tool, as four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it—and almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. Watchable, well-edited videos that showcase key product features, and answer key product questions can, by being promoted on YouTube and Facebook, generate a wider consumer base, and draw people to a branded website.

    Additionally, short video formats, like Instagram and Facebook Stories, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, give CPG brands an opportunity to be creative and authentic with consumers — especially Gen Z and Millennial generations who dominate these platforms.

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    Trend #4: Create Informative, Mobile-Optimized Content

    Good content is invaluable to building an online audience and generating those all-important
    Google rankings for a brand site. An effective brand could, for example, tap into the thirst for quality information shown by health- conscious millennials, by regularly putting out blogs or creating an expert-driven content hub. By becoming an important “go to” resource for trustworthy information, a brand can create a community of loyal consumers. A wide variety of quality, timely information can create trust for a brand and provide much-needed product and category information for worried consumers.




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    Trend #5: Tap Influencers for Greater Social Reach

    Influencer marketing can be a vital way to connect with wary consumers by putting a credible, relatable stamp of approval on a brand and by transferring the perception of the influencer to the brand itself.

    Campaign Example: Influencer Marketing

    In 2017, Clorox partnered with Google for an influencer campaign starring Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry and social media heavyweight King Bach. The aim was to introduce its Brita Stream product to a younger audience on social media. The “Best Roommate Ever” campaign was built around a comedic take on having a roommate who didn’t fill up the Brita pitcher. The campaign generated more than 16 million impressions across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube—making it a huge brand awareness success.



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    Trend #6: Capture Consumer Data via Continuity Marketing Programs

    CPG brands have traditionally had to rely on retailers for vital data analytics on consumers. But digitally-enabled continuity promotions are a disintermediated way of capturing this information directly, and, because they encourage consumers to come back over time, to craft accurate consumer profiles.

    Campaign Example: Shopper Analytics

    Clorox wanted to increase the basket size of its product sales and incentivize consumers to register at its website. Snipp devised a 6-month sweepstakes promotion in which users received: 1 entry for registering online at the Clorox website, 1 entry per daily visit to the website, and 10 entries for uploading a valid receipt of 2 Clorox products. The promotion, managed and validated by Snipp, yielded valuable shopper behavior insights.



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    Trend #7: Partner Up for Co-branded Promotions

    Convenience is key for optimizing CPG sales, and smart brands are capitalizing on this by bundling products to create a unified conversion of multiple products or ingredients—think of naturally complementary products (cleaning supplies and paper towels) that benefit both the consumer and the brand. With pre-arranged “virtual bundles,” consumers can, with one click, load a range of complementary brands into their cart.

    Campaign Example: Growing Basket Size

    ARM & HAMMER and OxiClean wanted to increase basket size by driving cross purchases among their brands. The Clean Up & Win sweepstakes devised by Snipp rewarded consumers who purchased $15 of ARM & HAMMER and OxiClean products in one transaction. They could send in a picture of their receipt to receive $10 of savings in coupons and an entry into a sweepstakes for a chance to win tickets to an All Star game fantasy getaway.


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    Trend #8: Activate Seasonal Promotions

    Spring, for example, is the ideal time to launch short term promotions to tap into Americans’ enthusiasm for spring cleaning. 78% percent of people will take part in the ritual of spring cleaning their homes every year, making early spring a great time to offer special promotions for cleaning products and supplies. Learn also from these shopper marketing examples, how to activate these in-store.

    Campaign Examples: Seasonal CPG Home Care Promotions

    1) Henkel wanted to build off the success of their spring cleaning promotion from the previous year to drive sales and grow their basket share of their portfolio of laundry and home care products, such as Purex, All, and Snuggle.

    The program leverages Snipp Check to offer a buy 3 get 1 free campaign where consumers who purchase any 3 qualifying Henkel products can submit their receipt to get an instant PayPal rebate for the lowest priced product purchased.

    2) ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda was looking for a way to drive sales and grow their basket size during the key spring cleaning season. Leveraging our receipt validation technology, Snipp created an all-digital Gift-with-Purchase program for ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda. Consumers who purchased two or more units of participating ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda products could submit their receipt to receive a $5 eVisa reward.

    3) Newell Rubbermaid® wanted to highlight the versatility of the Easy Find LidsTM during the Spring Cleaning shopping and organizing seasons. Snipp developed a turn-key solution where consumers who purchased the product received an entry into a Sweepstakes to win a Pantry Makeover or additional products. An AMOE was also provided to ensure legal requirements of No Purchase Necessary were met. With the campaign, Newell Rubbermaid® was able to generate excitement and secure retailer partnerships based on the promotion plan.


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    Case Study: Henkel-Purex Summer Sweeps

    Sweepstakes to Drive Summer Sales and Engagement for Purex

    Henkel leveraged Snipp's promotions and receipt validation technology to run a summer sweepstakes program.

    Snipp developed a register to enter sweepstakes where consumers who landed on the program microsite could simply register for a chance to win one of 6 prizes of a $1,000, as well as 10 secondary prizes of free Purex for a year!

    Snipp managed all backend development, sweepstakes administration, and prize fulfillment.

    Snipp Purex

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