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Lasting Loyalty in the Smartphone Age – A Snipp White Paper on The Wise Marketer

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Lasting Loyalty in the Smartphone Age 
A Snipp White Paper, Published on The Wise Marketer – April 2017

The era of the smartphone is well underway, as our ubiquitous handhelds are becoming more and more central to our daily lives. As a result of this, the loyalty landscape is increasingly being reshaped for mobile enablement. Some key trends are emerging in the wake of these changes, and Snipp Interactive has put together this handy guide for brands and agencies as they incorporate mobile tools into their loyalty programs.




What you’ll learn:

  • How customers prefer mobile loyalty, but via the digital channel of their choice
  • Why it is so vital to tap into social media when building mobile loyalty
  • Why AI and IA are the future of mobile loyalty
  • Examples of successfully implemented mobile loyalty programs

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