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Whitepaper: A New Era for Consumer Rebates

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Whitepaper: A New Era for Consumer Rebates

Our recent whitepaper on Digital Rebates examines the ways in which the traditional rebate process has become an antiquated, ineffective way to create consumer engagement. Where writing letters gave way to email, mail-in rebates are experiencing a revolution and consumers are demanding a digital solution to this traditional process.

The Wall Street Journal reported fewer than 50% of consumers mailed in rebates in 2014, due to burdensome processes and the level of documentation required.[1] There are numerous benefits to digital rebates, but put simply, they are convenient and cost-effective for both the consumer and the brand. Consumers can quickly snap a photo of their receipt and submit it by picture text messaging, email or web upload – no more licking stamps or trips to the mailbox!

The digital convenience of submission is echoed in the redemption process. While consumers can still choose to have their rebate redeemed via check in the mail, they can also customize their reward to be received seamlessly online via direct deposit, prepaid cards, gift cards, and PayPal.

For brands, digital rebates create deeper insight to consumer habits and create an enriched brand experience leading to increased loyalty. For consumers, rebates are a simple, transparent process with satisfying rewards. For best practices in digitizing rebates, read our Digital Rebates whitepaper.
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