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A Guide to Marketing for Pet Care - US and Europe

The Pet Care market is booming! Pet adoptions skyrocketed over the pandemic, with more than 23M American households adding to their families, and Europeans now raising more pets than children. But even though spending in this category is increasingly inelastic, double-digit price increases  are going to test even the most indulgent pet parents. What do brands need to watch out for in the year ahead? In our latest deep dive into the Pet Care industry, we’ve outlined some key trends to keep in mind – some of which include:

  • Generational shifts in pet ownership are leading to a greater emphasis on premiumization and sustainability
  •  An increased focus on preventative health care is spawning entirely new categories of personalized and wellness products and services
  • With omnichannel shopping on the rise, retail-online partnerships are exploring synergies in growth

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