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2023 Trends in the Cosmetics Industry  - US and Europe 

The cosmetics industry is seeing a renaissance, as consumers adjust to a hybrid work-life existence in this post pandemic era. But don’t expect makeup buying habits to return to what they were – with inflation surging in the US and Europe, consumers have a whole new set of expectations to be met, many of which will shape the landscape of the cosmetics and beauty industry in 2023 and beyond. Download our latest report to find out 5 trends we’ve earmarked for brands to watch out for including:

  • Consumers no longer evaluate a cosmetic product on just how it makes them look: they’re looking to heal, tighten and enhance their skin as well
  • Brands and an explosion of startups are investing in hyper-personalization solutions with the help of data science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Gen Z consumers in particular want to ensure that a sustainability focus underscores every aspect of the manufacture of their favorite products.

And, look out for the marketing strategies we’re recommending to reach savvy beauty buyers.


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