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Fostering B2B Loyalty Through Partner Programs

Amid economic challenges and tightening corporate budgets, B2B partnerships have emerged as a crucial driver of growth and improved financial performance for businesses. HubSpot's 2022 survey underscores this growing reliance, with nearly half of the organizations attributing at least 26% of their revenue to partners, and 12.6% deriving over half of their revenue from partner relationships. In light of this trend, we've compiled a guide on B2B partner programs and outlined the growth strategies that can help businesses maximize their partnership potential.

  • Evolving B2B: From Channel Partnerships to Entire Ecosystems: In a B2B marketing landscape dominated by increasingly millennial, channel-agnostic buyers, partners have become invaluable ‘introduction networks’ for an increasingly virtual and peer-review-based buyer’s journey.
  • Nurturing B2B: Creating an Effective B2B Partner Program: A positive PX can lead to increased loyalty, higher sales, and stronger relationships between brands and their partners.
  • Rewarding B2B: Channel Incentives for Partnership Growth: According to a 2022 Incentive Research Foundation study, one-quarter of companies surveyed say they have ‘significantly increased’ incentive spending with at least half saying they have increased spending ‘significantly’ or ‘somewhat’.

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