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Trends and Marketing Strategies Shaping The CPG Food and Confectionery Industry: 

The CPG food and confectionery sectors are navigating a period of significant transformation driven by evolving consumer preferences, economic shifts, and technological advancements. As brands strive to remain competitive and relevant, the ability to adapt to these changes has never been more critical. Embracing innovation, prioritizing sustainability, and fostering genuine connections through authentic storytelling and personalized experiences will be essential strategies for success. This white paper delves into the trends shaping the US and European CPG food and confectionery  industries,  including:

  • The ascendence of private labels - adopting sophisticated strategies that position them as serious competitors in the CPG market
  • A clear shift towards health and wellness is emerging, echoing consumers' dual demand for indulgent yet better-for-you products., with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations
  • Snacking is increasingly replacing traditional meals, propelled by the demand for convenience and value, particularly amongst younger generations

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