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Consumer Loyalty | Brand Loyalty

7 Tips for Loyalty Success in 2017

The state of loyalty is in constant flux. This has never been more apparent than in 2017, as new trends, strategies, and practices continue to evolve ...

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Brand Loyalty | Consumer engagement

Three Reasons Why CPG Loyalty Will Dominate This Year

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is massive. In the year 2016, the CPG sales revenue has clocked about 769.7 billion US dollars in US alone....

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Data Collection | Consumer spend

What’s In Your Basket: Customers Spend Twice as Much at Wholesale Clubs Than They Do at Super Markets

It’s very seldom that a CPG brand has any access to a store POS system, a fact that severely limits the kind of data they can access. But this data of...

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Brand Loyalty | Receipt Processing

THE ROI ON RECEIPTS – 10 Brand Objectives You Can Achieve With Receipt Programs

Feeling boxed in by your marketing strategy? It’s time to rethink the power of the receipt!

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Brand Loyalty | SnippLoyalty

Gamification and How It Can Make Loyalty Fun (or not)

GAMIFICATION AND HOW IT CAN MAKE LOYALTY FUN (OR NOT) Gamification as a concept is not necessarily a new one, although the term itself may very well b...

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Loyalty Programs | Brand Loyalty

Three Marketing Tactics That Will Strike a Chord With Consumers

In today’s retail world, customer retention programs can really strike a chord and make a huge positive difference in a company’s overall annual sales...

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Design | Sweepstakes

The Ultimate Snapshot Of Sweepstakes & Contests

Who Participates in Sweeps and Contests? An estimated 55 million Americans enter sweepstakes and contests each year 23% of people who visit brand soci...

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SnippRebates | SnippLoyalty

Digital Marketing Solutions for Back to School – Snipp Case Studies

August – that time of year when kids (and parents) are savoring the last of the lazy days of summer. In a few weeks, it’ll be back to early mornings, ...

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SnippLoyalty | Loyalty

DILEMMA FOR BRANDS: Is a Loyalty Program Essential or Not?

Brands and retailers are continually wary about their spending, especially when it comes to marketing. With the advent of new trends in technologies a...

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Loyalty | SnippRewards

How Digital Rewards Can Incentivize Customer Loyalty

This article first appeared in Loyalty360. July 04, 2016. John Fauller, EVP, Product and Innovation at Snipp, participated in a compelling and compreh...

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Mobile Receipt Processing | snipp news

Our Work Featured in Shopper Marketing Magazine!

Hello, March! With a new month comes a new issue of Shopper Marketing Magazine. In this one, we are featured for our work with the Heineken Holiday Gi...

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Drive sales | Contests

Part 2: How Effective is Discounting your Product?

Many people in the CPG industry are coming to the realization that the consumer product landscape is increasingly disjointed. Due to the competitive l...

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Drive sales | Contests

We’re speaking at the Shopper Marketing Summit!

We are excited to invite you to our session at the Path to Purchase Institute’s Shopper Marketing Summit on Wednesday, March 16, 2016at 3:15 pm. We wi...

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Sweepstakes | Contests

Snipp’s Guide to an Effective and Engaging Digital Sweepstakes Campaign

An estimated 55 million[1] Americans enter sweepstakes and contests each year, making them an essential element of a marketer’s toolbox. And as brands...

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CustomerExperience | Mobile

Text-to-win for a great CPG campaign!

The fact is simple: consumers want to be engaged by all brands on their mobile devices. Mobile users are constantly engaging with a range of content a...

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SnippWin (Contests and Promos) | SnippCheck (Receipt Processing)

Stats & Facts: Loyalty and Incentive Program Overview and Data for 2013-2014

We had to pull together a presentation on loyalty program usage and related statistics for a proposal, and I figured it is useful data for others to h...

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