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Brand (New) Loyalty!

The big news on the Snipp home front is our recent acquisition of SwissPost’s Loyalty and CLM platform, which we closed in February 2015. The acquisit...

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Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report Dissected

This column was originally posted onMobile Marketer Dailyon June 10, 2013 and co-written by Ritesh Bhavnani, Casey Cavanagh and John D. Fauller.

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Go Mega: Our Campaign With Burger King Kuwait

Yesterday, we proudly announcedour newest campaign in the Middle East. This campaign was with Burger King, delivering a game called Go Mega through a ...

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7 Deadly Sins As Applied To QR Codes (seen on Mobile Marketer)

This column was originally posted on Mobile Marketer Daily on May 20, 2013. QR codes have been mocked, debased, abused and downright hated, oftentimes...

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Snipp’s Mobile Year In Review

We are very excited to welcome in the new year but first would like to show you what we were up to in 2012. We made a quickrecap video – highlighting ...

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