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    White Paper | Receipt Processing

    Whitepaper: A New Era for Consumer Rebates

    Our recent whitepaper on Digital Rebates examines the ways in which the traditional rebate process has become an antiquated, ineffective way to create...

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    Drive sales | Mobile Marketing

    Webinar! Shopper Marketing in 2016 – Trends that Drive Sales & ROI at Retail

    2015 is drawing to a close, and the promise of 2016 looms nearer and nearer. As marketers, we all want to tackle this new year with ambition and succe...

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    Sweepstakes | Contests

    Snipp’s Guide to an Effective and Engaging Digital Sweepstakes Campaign

    An estimated 55 million[1] Americans enter sweepstakes and contests each year, making them an essential element of a marketer’s toolbox. And as brands...

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    Mobile | CustomerEngagement

    Using Text-to-Win to Strengthen your CPG Promotions

    Funfairs, carnivals, arcades, lotteries, and sweepstakes all have a lot in common. They allow you to escape, have fun, and play. No matter how old you...

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    Mobile Marketing 101 | Rebates

    5 reasons why traditional mail-in rebates are broken

    Thisarticlefirst appeared in Mobile Marketer,May 8, 2015.

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    Mobile Receipt Processing | Shopper Marketing

    Long Live Rebates (with SnippCheck!)

    It’s no secret that rebates have long been one of those promotion marketing tools that skirts a fine line between effective and downright sleazy.

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    Mobile | Uncategorized

    Future of Shopper Marketing Firms (Part 1)

    Future success in this industry will be won by firms that help brands to create a complete view of a customer’s behavior.

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