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    Sweepstakes | Drive sales

    Getting Into The Spirit: How Halloween Marketer’s Can Win This “Boo”ming Season

    Trick or treat! Three words that probably would never spend time in the same sentence if not for one famous holiday. Halloween continues to remain a v...

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    Loyalty | wedding marketing

    Tying the Knot with Consumers: The Evolving Landscape of Wedding Registries

    Magic is in the air as the wedding season fast approaches, and the retail industry for the inevitable boom. Big changes shape the shopping landscape, ...

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    Brand Promotions | Loyalty

    Promotions Fun in the Sun – A Guide to Summer Promotions

    The doldrums of winter now seem like a distant memory. Every day gets a little bit warmer, and before you know it, summer will be in full swing. For b...

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    White Paper | Digital Marketing

    2018 Digital Prescriptions for the OTC Pharma Market

    OTC MARKETING is skyrocketing. With the rising cost of health care, more and more American consumers are turning to ‘self care’ options, buoying a mar...

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    Trends | Shopper Marketing


    Co-branding is a strategic marketing and advertising partnership between two brands, in which the promotional ‘whole’ is expected to be bigger than ea...

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    Loyalty | Shopper Marketing

    Why Transactional Relationships Don't Work for Consumers

    Brands don't want consumers to buy their products, they NEEDit. And for many brands, the focus of getting consumers to buy now, can become an obsessio...

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    Retail environment | snipp news

    March Conference Galore Means It’s Easier Than Ever To Say “Hello”

    March Conference Galore Means It’s Easier Than Ever To Say “Hello” In a virtual world inundated with video calls and text messages, don’t you sometime...

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    Consumer engagement | Marketing Technology

    FOOTBALL’S BIG GAME – Marketing Strategies for Championship Sunday

    General Landscape With more than a 100 million viewers each year, CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY is one of the largest sporting events of the year, and the bigge...

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    Consumer Loyalty | Uncategorized

    3 Data Promo Tips You Can Count On

    It almost seems cliché to say that data and insights are the lifeblood that fuels promotions success. This philosophy has been driven into the minds o...

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    Owned-Paid-Earned Media | White Paper

    Power Up your Promotions – The Amplification Toolbox

    The marketing world has seen a sea change in tactics and technologies, and campaigns often strive to incorporate these innovations in order to ‘wow’ a...

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    snipp news | Trends

    Predictions from the Path to Purchase Expo 2017

    Countless innovations, brilliant minds, and inspiring stories have defined this year’s Path to Purchase Expo – and it’s not over yet! We’ve been busy ...

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    Brand Loyalty | SnippLoyalty

    How Smartphone Customer Engagement Has Impacted the Evolution of Rewards

    A Q&A with Mark Fortuna, Director of Sales, Snipp, on loyalty360 Smartphones are ubiquitous today around the world as loyalty marketers seek to fi...

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    Drive sales | Uncategorized

    Two Steps to See Real Back-To-School Loyalty Results

    The back-to-school shopping season has been an extremely important business period for decades in the US. Can you even remember a time when the antici...

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    Loyalty Programs | Shopper Marketing

    How is Customer Loyalty Shaping the Success of B2B Programs?

    How do B2B customer loyalty programs differ from B2C? What are the biggest challenges? What do they need to succeed? Snipp VP of Loyalty Solutions Car...

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    Shopper Marketing

    Snapchat Adds Feature to Help Brands Track Geo-Filter Performance

    This past month, Snapchat rolled out a new feature for their advertisers called “Snap to Store”, which helps marketers track the success of geo-filter...

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    White Paper | Checklist

    INSPIRING MODERN MILLENNIALS – Trends, Insights, and Making Connections

    Modern Millennials are as diverse as they are numerous. They are the social trendsetters and influencers that shape the direction of culture and techn...

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    Virtual Reality | Wearable Tech

    Shopper Marketing Tech: 2017 Game Changers

    Last year, Snipp published a guide to Shopper Marketing Tech Game Changers. We saw more brands embracing omni-channel technology, personalized showroo...

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