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Mobile Marketing | Brand Loyalty

Lasting Loyalty – In the Smartphone Age

The era of the smartphone is well underway, as our ubiquitous handhelds are becoming more and more central to our daily lives. So central, in fact, th...

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Mobile Marketing | digital engagement

Snipp’s Guide to an Effective and Engaging Digital Sweepstakes Campaign

An estimated 55 million[1] Americans enter sweepstakes and contests each year, making them an essential element of a marketer’s toolbox. And as brands...

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Mobile Marketing | Receipt Processing

Using Text-to-Win to Strengthen your CPG Promotions

Funfairs, carnivals, arcades, lotteries, and sweepstakes all have a lot in common. They allow you to escape, have fun, and play. No matter how old you...

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Mobile Marketing | Mobile Receipt Processing

More on Mobile Purchase Validation: The Benefits

Its Thanksgiving and Black Friday is upon us, which means there are deals and deals and more deals. A lot of the deals involve rebates or post-purchas...

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