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Brand Loyalty | Receipt Processing

THE ROI ON RECEIPTS – 10 Brand Objectives You Can Achieve With Receipt Programs

Feeling boxed in by your marketing strategy? It’s time to rethink the power of the receipt!

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Data Collection | Loyalty Programs

Three Factors That Make or Break Loyalty Success

It is an established fact that loyalty programs tend to roll out astonishing returns for companies that run them. Having said this, there is a plethor...

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Brand Loyalty | SnippLoyalty

Gamification and How It Can Make Loyalty Fun (or not)

GAMIFICATION AND HOW IT CAN MAKE LOYALTY FUN (OR NOT) Gamification as a concept is not necessarily a new one, although the term itself may very well b...

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Loyalty Programs | Brand Loyalty

Three Marketing Tactics That Will Strike a Chord With Consumers

In today’s retail world, customer retention programs can really strike a chord and make a huge positive difference in a company’s overall annual sales...

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