Simplify Center of Store For a Better 2018

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Simplify Center of Store For a Better 2018


Center of store is one of the most complex arenas that brands can compete in. Aisles are seeing more competition from brands of all shapes and sizes, and consumer attention spans are continuously divided as the path-to-purchase becomes increasingly intricate.

We had the chance to be a part of a fantastic session at the recent P2PSummit, the focus of which was really drilling into new ways to simplify these challenges. P&G, Arc Worldwide, and Snipp presenting together, sharing a stage in front of hundreds of brand audience members… it was truly an experience that will be hard to rival.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the salient center of store challenges we all faced. For P&G, the name of the game was driving category growth and attracting new users to win back center of store sales.

For Arc Worldwide, it was all about delivering insights on the changing shopper journey, and how to reach the shopper in new ways.

And for Snipp, our motto was delivering best in class program execution.

The ultimate solution: a technology-driven, multi-manufacturer program called “Stocking Spree Rewards”, driving basket size and incentivizing retail-specific sales at center of stores. Snipp provided the one-stop-shop technology to support the program. 

If you watch the presentation, you’ll find out exactly what we achieved in order to create success at center of store for P&G – what it really came down to was taking every complex variable and working out how each partner in this collaboration would tackle and resolve it. In this instance, the synergies between every player created a whole that was far greater than the sum of the parts. For those who can’t wait to dive into the meat of this session, here’s a hint: retailer relationship building is the golden rule for 2018. Think outside the box and create an execution that will get the retailer as excited as your consumers. As complicated as the business of marketing promises to get in the coming year, going back to basics – in this case, real relationship building – might just be what your brand needs to simplify your own challenges.







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