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Predictions from the Path to Purchase Expo 2017

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Predictions from the Path to Purchase Expo 2017

Countless innovations, brilliant minds, and inspiring stories have defined this year’s Path to Purchase Expo – and it’s not over yet! We’ve been busy soaking up the past two days, meeting with fantastic people, and learning new things that last year we could have only dreamed about existing– such is the constant forward thrum of evolution in the shopper marketing industry.

Today is the last day of the Expo, and while we’re sad to see it end, we’re excited to see what the future will hold. Based on what we’ve seen highlighted so far, here are some predictions we have about the coming year in shopper marketing:

  • Omni-channel sprouts limbs: as augmented reality actually becomes a reality, be prepared to experience channels that are evolved one step past traditional territory.
  • Getting straight to the point: much of contemporary marketing dialogue revolves around the intangible – words like “inspiration”, “emotion”, and “experience” flow freely. But how can these ‘softer’ attributes actually affect hard metrics and conversion? This year, we’ll see a lot more solutions that can actually connect the dots and prove the worth of these more nebulous brand goals.
  • Curing data-delirium: everyone wants data, and expects data, and yes, everyone does need data. Unfortunately, blindly inhaling every piece of information can often do more harm than good. Expect a growing concern over consumer sensitivity to data collection, and have a focused approach to get the numbers you actually need.

As Expo winds down, we’ll continue to learn from the best in the industry, and keep you informed too. And don’t forget, we’re here to the end – just come find us at booth #715 and we’ll be happy to chat! 

-The Snipp Team

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