The simple store receipt is one of the most powerful marketing tools a brand has at their disposal. Receipts contain a wealth of incomparable data on shopping habits, product, and retailer information, and they are one of the best proof-of-purchase mechanisms for both one-off promotions and full loyalty programs. Let’s dive deeper into the data you can get from receipts, and how it can shape your marketing strategy.

What Kind of Data Can You Get From A Receipt?

What Kind of Analysis Can You Do With This Data?

Receipt Count By Store
See where most of your consumers shop.

Share of Basket
Discover the other products your consumers are
buying outside of your brand each shopping trip.

Receipt Count By Day
Find out the most popular times your
consumers prefer to shop.

Average Receipt Amount By Store
See which retailers your consumers spend the most
money at.

Receipt Per Member By Store
Find out which retailers drive the most brand program engagement.

By Geography

Full Basket Analysis of Each Consumer’s Shopping Trip
Products purchased, competitors, brand names, category analysis, basket size, behaviors, and prices.

What Kind of Strategies Can Be Shaped From This Data?

  • Targeting different demographics based on geography or basket analysis
  • Providing more support to particular retailers to drive engagement
  • Executing cross-portfolio programs to increase basket size
  • Undertaking account specific instead of national programs
  • Creating limited time offers around certain calendar periods, days of the week, or even times of the day
  • Understand the competitive shopping landscape, to combat the competition and find partnership & coalition opportunities
  • Develop re-targeting programs for future CRM activities

Snipp’s market-leading receipt processing technology allows brands to run purchase-based promotions without codes on-pack or any point of sale integration. SnippCheck is key to creating a ‘true single customer view’ for brands and is an integral part of our Universal POS solution. Visit to learn more.


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