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Three Reasons Why Snipp is a Growth Machine

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Three Reasons Why Snipp is a Growth Machine

At Snipp, we are proud to have accomplished many feats in our time as an expert global provider of digital marketing promotions, rebates, and loyalty solutions. This week, we added one more notch to our belt: Snipp is celebrating the fact that it has been announced on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ list, ranked 49th amongst the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America. Today we are celebrating enthusiasm, hard work and sheer commitment towards excellence. Our fantastic growth can be attributed to three key areas.

First and foremost, it is certain that no company achieves a milestone without dedicated involvement of its employees. Undoubtedly, dedicated employees with diverse professional backgrounds play a crucial role in creating an encouraging corporate culture that is enabling Snipp to achieve its vision much faster. An exceptional corporate culture combined with the passion of its employees provides Snipp with a solid foundation to develop and conceptualize successful loyalty programs for the brands across the globe. The diversity of our employee background is key. We come from all different industries, from technology, loyalty, retail and more. This range of experiences has allowed us to bring together unique perspectives, where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.  

Secondly, the success of Snipp is modeled on the proximity to its customers and the ability to identify and understand the new business opportunities in the marketplace ahead of the competition. Brands are always demanding the unique. Often what is unique isn’t just about the quality of the creative idea, but about the execution. Brands will ask: “how can we achieve our goals with less budget, or with more efficiency?” Snipp understands the marketplace and can create the best value for customers. It masters the key elements of understanding a customer-driven market strategy and identifying its marketplace concepts. And of course, prior to delivering this customer value, it is essential to understand what client really needs and wants – an end-result with a greater profitability. No matter how innovative the product might be, if it does not serve the purpose of customers, it’s a waste of time.

And this brings us to our last, third point: Snipp has been infused with the spirit of innovation since its very inception. Snipp realizes that one of the keys to a successful enterprise is the ability to churn out fresh ideas. As a technology company, our innovation is grounded in developing new ways to use the latest technologies for brands to reach their consumers. With the string of valuable products like SnippCheck (for purchase validation without the need for POS integration), SnippRewards (digital rewards solutions with an industry-leading, pre-licensed reward catalog), and mostly recently, SnippLoyalty Base – a low cost (sub $45k!) platform to build loyalty programs, with special relevance to CPG industries. In the CPG industry especially, many brands never had the technological capabilities to create loyalty programs efficiently; we are changing the game in this market by making loyalty not only plausible, but elevating it as a strategy to pose great benefit for early adopters who want to beat out the competition.

We believe that the above three success factors were at the forefront of our journey to becoming one of the fastest growing tech companies in 2016.  However, the journey doesn’t end here: we will be continuing our hard work to stand firm as a business and achieve our vision along with our partners and customers. Snipp is aware of the vast ocean of opportunities across the globe, and we will be ever dedicated to using our growth for solving new problems and challenges. Stay tuned for the great tech innovations we will soon be unveiling! Hint Hint: mail-in rebates are a pretty big hassle for brands and consumers alike. That will soon change…

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