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Podcast: Engaging Millennials at Retail

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Podcast: Engaging Millennials at Retail

Millennials are constantly in focus for marketers and being equipped with the latest information on them is imperative to successfully crafting in-store marketing strategies that increase loyalty and generate results.

We present for you a podcast hosted by Loyalty360. Tune in as we discuss the latest trends on millennials and tackles the big question on the mind of marketers today: How can this diverse, digital generation get engaged with your brand at retail, especially in a way that builds lasting loyalty?

 In this 5-minute podcast, you will learn:

  • The top social, digital and mobile behaviors for millennials
  • The surprising impact of millennials on the spending of other demographics
  • What they expect from loyalty programs, and how to up the ante to your brand’s shopping experience


Hope you enjoy!

Camille Kennedy, VP of Marketing

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