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Snipp Webinar! From Tech to Trends: Navigating In-Store Marketing

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Snipp Webinar! From Tech to Trends: Navigating In-Store Marketing


We present our webinar – From Tech to Trends: Navigating In-Store Marketing.

We were inspired by our work with agencies and brands, who are constantly looking to stay on top of the latest in-store trends amid such a rapidly evolving marketing landscape. As we are always conducting research and learning all that we can about the industry, we know that understanding these trends is necessary to execute marketing initiatives using tools that cut costs, increase efficiency and maximize reach.

We believe that new developments in technology have the potential to accomplish this, and can solve a plethora of challenges facing marketing objectives today.

Join our resident pros on this subject, Camille Kennedy from Marketing and Jen Horsely from Sales, as we discuss some of the new and exciting trends and technology for shopper marketing, and how agencies and brands alike can leverage them to maximize in-store impact and beat out the competition.

In this webinar, you will learn:
– An overview of the trends & challenges at retail facing brands and agencies today, including the need for scalability and stagnation innovation
– The technologies and solutions that are pushing boundaries, such as receipt processing
– Examples of today’s best use cases and implementations showing how these innovations drive real results

Date & Time:
Tuesday, March 1st, 2016
2:00 PM ET 
Duration: 45 minutes



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