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We Are Snipp! (A Holiday-ish Album)

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We Are Snipp! (A Holiday-ish Album)

Like the rest of the world, we celebrated the holiday season with the obligatory Christmas/Holiday party. Except, when you’re a company like ours, spread across eight (now nine) office locations and multiple time zones, you actually end up having *several* Christmas parties.

We don’t usually raise the curtain on ourselves very often (we prefer that our clients get all the glory…), but this is such a great peek into what I think makes us tick – and why we like coming in to work every day. 

Happy Holidays to all and here’s looking forward to a great 2016!

Santas Doing Serious Work in DC...

Santas Doing Some Serious Work in DC… (the lack of smiles was intentional)



Our Marketing Elves Kicking Back in Toronto (Somes Sales Too)


Milwaukee Office

Our Merry Ol’ Ops Team in Milwaukee


Seems Like The Grinch Stole Christmas in SF

Seems Like The Grinch Stole Christmas in SF (No Christmasy Accessories!)


Dallas Does Christmas!

Things Are Done Differently in Dallas…


Just Because It Doesn't Snow in Mumbai Doesn't Mean We Don't Do Christmas

Just Because It Don’t Snow Don’t Mean It Ain’t Christmas in Mumbai



Vancouver Dev Team Pranking With Holiday Spirit!


Team Vancouver For Real

Team Vancouver For Real


Our Irish Brethren

Our Irish Brethren (full disclosure: photo taken after the holidays)


New Jersey Needs A Shout Out Too (Sales)

Three’s Company in New Jersey!


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