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SnippCheck Can Now Talk To Apps (And Anyone Else) Via Our New API

Posted By Ritesh
SnippCheck Can Now Talk To Apps (And Anyone Else) Via Our New API

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our new SnippCheck API. Now SnippCheck’s industry-leading receipt processing capabilities can be easily integrated into a variety of different third-party applications easily and seamlessly.

We already have two customers who are using the API to integrate SnippCheck into their own applications. The first is a non-profit that works with retailers and organizations that contribute a percentage of participating consumers’ spend to the school, group or organization of their choice. The second is a large loyalty and incentives solutions provider looking to provide receipt processing services to their end customers.

The API is a web-based RESTful service and supports both XML and JSON requests and responses. Using the API our clients can submit receipts or other images for validation. The images are processed using the SnippCheck receipt processing engine and all the pertinent data (store and item data) can be retrieved by clients via the API.

The SnippCheck API is a perfect way to integrate receipt processing into your mobile app or web-based solution. Possible use cases include shopping and expense management applications, rebate solutions providers, promotions and incentives companies and a whole host of others.

In addition to the SnippCheck API, we have also developed and released a cloud-based widget that customers can use to easily integrate the uploading of receipts from a desktop or mobile website straight into SnippCheck via the API.

It’s never been easier to integrate our receipt processing functionality into your brilliant idea.



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