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Introducing SnippWin!

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Introducing SnippWin!

Over the years we created a whole range of mobile promotion campaigns for our clients. We’ve done straight up mobile text to win sweepstakes; mobile product sample giveaways (including the largest mobile-sample giveaway to date, with Mary Kay); simple quiz-based programs; contests that were triggered by image recognition (as well as text keywords, QR codes and tags); augmented reality-based contests; instant-win campaigns; photo contests; multi-stage mobile contests; contests with age validation requirements; contests with social media links; simple mobile gaming contests; and probably many more that I can’t even recall right now.

I’m not tooting our own horn (at least not yet). I will be the first to admit that we did this all very haphazardly – every new contest or promotion had slightly different requirements, was built just a little differently. We definitely wasted some time, rebuilt the wheel a few more times than we would have liked. Those are the exigencies of being a small company always chasing revenue, table stakes in the poker life of a startup. But along the way, we kept picking up new modules, new functionality, and increasingly retrofitting the stuff we had already, each time making it more generic, more reusable.

Until one day, we stepped back, and realized we had made something pretty wonderful. We call it SnippWin and its one of the most powerful and flexible mobile contest platforms in the market. 

Don’t believe me? Take a look at two contests we launched recently.


For SELF Magazine, we launched their annual prize giveaway in their November issue. Users could enter up to five of the possible 100+ contests, with a total of 537 prizes to be won. They entered through the use of SELF’s augmented reality app and were taken to a website where they could register, browse through all the contests and enter/edit the ones they wished to participate in.

For Guinness Black Lager, we created an Instant Win campaign where users could text in a keyword found on a sticker on 6 and 12 packs and win TicketMaster coupons redeemable for concert purchases. For compliance purposes, users who won coupons worth $50 or greater had to submit photo IDs through messaging to validate their age along with an electronic affidavit they had to sign. We also had a bunch of exception cases to account for fraud and multiple submissions for the contest.

These were two very different contests – but both were created using the same platform.

SnippWin indeed.  

For the really geeky among us, listed below are the various options of the platform that can be stitched together as needed to create the perfect campaign of your choice:

  • Registration Module (customizable to collect any required data) 
  • Contest Medium (Messaging, Mobile Web)
  • Contest Type (Sweeps, Giveaway, InstantWin, PredeterminedEntry, Quiz, Collect/Scavenger Hunts)
  • Entry Restrictions (one submission per user, time delimited, multiple entry, max entries)
  • Age Gating (none, simple or strong age-gating requiring submission of photo ID)
  • Random Number Generator for determining winners
  • Messaging module (to communicate messages with users)
  • SiteBuilder (to build mobile web pages if medium is mobile web)
  • Social Media Linking (connecting and energizing prizes by connecting to social media)
  • Reporting module 


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