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Go Mega: Our Campaign With Burger King Kuwait

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Go Mega: Our Campaign With Burger King Kuwait

Yesterday, we proudly announced our newest campaign in the Middle East. This campaign was with Burger King, delivering a game called Go Mega through a QR code on the packaging. 

We designed and developed the HTML5 mobile site and provided strategic advice and support around content and creative assets

So, what is Go Mega? It’s an addicting, interactive shootout-style soccer game that can be played from any mobile device. You’re the goalie blocking shots fired at you, all while chomping on burgers.

WARNING: It IS addicting – and we encourage you to try it out (it’s best on mobile) – head over to http://www.burgerkinggomega.com to play.

The coolest part is that high score winners get a grand prize: two tickets to Spain to watch a Spanish Soccer League (LaLiga) match in Barcelona.

This campaign is just one example of our Infrastructure solutions – and in particular, our increasing expertise in mobile application development. The goal with these solutions is to provide scalable interactive mobile destinations and experiences for consumers of beloved brands across the world.

This campaign follows Snipp Khayal, which is an innovative augmented reality experience for brands, as well as another augmented reality application we developed for a client in Mexico (as yet unpublished, but fully developed and functional!).

And this is just the beginning…

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