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Why We Built SnippCheck

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Why We Built SnippCheck

Have you ever applied for a rebate? You remember how it goes: you fill out a form, mail it out with a copy of your receipt and wait patiently for a check, check card, coupon, or some other reward to be mailed back. 

In the meantime, you hope your letter reaches its destination, hope it doesn’t get lost in the mail, hope that if for any reason you don’t qualify they know to contact you to get it fixed. During the six to eight weeks you’re waiting, all contact has been lost with the brand. In fact, you have probably forgotten about the brand altogether and have difficulty remembering what the rebate was for when it does arrive.

This same sequence of events occurs every time something needs to be physically validated. 

Why are we still using Pony Express era technology to solve this problem? The process shouldn’t be so broken. This is why we made SnippCheck.

We get as frustrated as most of you do when applying for a rebate. So, we assembled components of our Mobilize Me platform to fix rebates. Only recently have a confluence of technologies even made this possible.

Wait a minute…what technology exists now that didn’t exist 5 years ago? I understand that smartphones are more prevalent, but the Internet existed – surely it could be done through desktop sites?

Yes, the Internet has been at mass adoption for some time, but very few people have scanners connected to their computers. What exists now, but didn’t exist five years ago, is mass adoption of scanners. In fact, 62% of us have a high-resolution document scanner on our person at any point during the day – our cellphone camera.

Phones have hit an image resolution that make them effective scanners. Moreover, each photograph taken by a phone is a unique fingerprint, a feature that can be exploited to allow verification of authenticity.

How is this done?

Smartphone adoption has added a level of personalization to the wired web. Our phones are incredibly personal. We sleep with our significant others beside us, and we sleep with our phones beside us. Our children wake us, so do our phones. Our phones are as unique as we are, which makes it easier to verify the uniqueness of people applying for a rebate or entering a contest.

How does this help me stay more connected to my customer?

The mail-in rebate process is incredibly opaque and it can be weeks before the brand even knows who their customers are. In our view, this is a major flaw with rebates as they’re done today.

By keeping everything digital, the rebate process becomes transparent. Customers are able to check the status of their rebates immediately after submission. Brands can follow up with opted-in customers, leading to a positive brand experience.

How about delivery?

We created SnippCheck to support all existing vehicles for delivery, so nothing needs to change from the traditional process – except that delivery happens much sooner and it costs a lot less to validate. Of course, using a digital workflow allows new delivery pathways, such as iTunes gift cards, Passbook integrations, movie tickets, PayPal payments. If it exists, we can integrate with it. 

This sounds complicated, how long does it take to set up? 

Our platform is built in such a way that time-to-launch can be measured in days, not weeks.

Want to get started?

Give us a call. We’re listening.

Learn more about SnippCheck at


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