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App-loring: Exploring the Mobile App World

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App-loring: Exploring the Mobile App World

Remember the days when a department store used to carry your every need, want and desire? Without having to go store to store, a simple turn down an isle could open up the doors to an entirely different section. Yes, times have changed, but shopping, on the other hand, hasn’t entirely.

Simplicity is still one of the key drivers in shopping behavior. One-stop shopping in this day and age has never been considered more attractive. The App Store and Android market are now some of the most popular, under-recognized, and highly concentrated areas of shopping by millions of consumers globally.

Consumers head to one place in effort to find the mobile app that most fits their intended purpose. They can look to simplify an area of complexity that boggles the human mind or even get involved with the newest social game to play.

Whether it’s keeping up-to-date with travel plans through Kayak or taking a crack at Draw Something, mobile app shoppers tend to know exactly what they want and don’t need to wait more than a few minutes at most to get it.

Top apps all seem to have a few main characteristics in common:

  1. Ease of use and Low complexity – A simple display screen outlining instructions or special features of the app helps to guide new users through the app’s multi-faceted interface
  2. Social-sphere – By building a social connectivity tool within the app such as adding friends or building upon a pre-existing social apps (like Instagram, Foursqure and Facebook) the app can become not just a tool, but a lifestyle choice.
  3. “The cool factor.” – Call it a memorable gimmick or twist, but the “cool factor” is the app’s superglue; keeping consumers glued into the app interface. Whether it be Flipboard’s memorable “flip” or Instagram’s photo enhancing capability, each app is remembered for the unique feature they bring to the table. 

While in app craze mode, I also discovered what it takes for an app to pull in an audience as well as what it takes to drive consumers away.

A key take-away is login speed. If the app itself is too complicated to start-up, odds are the company has lost the consumer before they even had them flipping through their “cool” interface.

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