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Purchase Validation in the Modern (Mobile) Era

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Purchase Validation in the Modern (Mobile) Era

Ever done a rebate program? Or any purchase program where you had to submit a proof of purchase to get a reward or coupon or something? Remember how annoying the whole process was? How you had to photocopy your receipts, cut out UPC codes from the packaging, print out and fill up a form, and then send the whole thing by mail? Then you had to wait six to eight weeks and you may (or may not) have gotten something back?

Well, thanks to the launch of Snipp’s new Purchase Validation Solution all that may well be a thing of the past.

As with everything we touch, we’ve mobilized the entire purchase validation process, so all you need is your phone. No photocopying, no cutting, no mail – just use your cell phone camera to take photos of your receipts and the proofs of purchase. Then send them in by email or messaging. We’ll process and validate the images then send you back your response. The whole thing can be done in five minutes and you get a response back in less than forty eight hours.

Consumers and brands alike can breathe a collective sigh of relief. 

Today’s traditional purchase related programs are aren’t just cumbersome for consumers to enter, they are also difficult – and expensive – for brands to implement and execute. Oftentimes packaging needs to be changed to incorporate tear-out forms for consumers to fill out. Or fulfillment houses have to be paid to process incoming handwritten entries manually. Or postage has to be prepaid to allow consumers to submit their receipts and forms. Very rarely are brands able to extract any useful information from the receipt and customer data they receive – unless of course they pay more to have all submissions digitized and entered into a database.

Mobilizing purchase validation and receipt processing makes the whole experience exponentially better for both consumers and brands.

Arm & Hammer Program Example 

Take our mobile program with ARM & HAMMER (, for example. ARM & HAMMER is currently utilizing our Purchase Validation Solution to provide customers with a $10 savings coupon to

Arm and Hammer coupon example

To qualify, customers need to purchase two 1 lbs. boxes of ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda between September 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013. They must then submit photos of their receipts along with a photo of the two boxes by email or messaging. Once their submission is validated, they will receive a $10 savings coupon code via email or messaging from and can redeem their savings at checkout. 

Where previously consumers had to wait six to eight weeks for a response, with this new program they receive their coupon code less than two days after their submission.

Purchase Validation Program Features: In addition to enabling consumers to enter with their mobile phones and making the whole process easier to use, mobile purchase validation offers several other features that benefit brands and consumers alike:

  • Process Transparency: Consumers have a full record of all the submissions they have done, and are able to log on to a website to receive a complete record of the status of their submission – down to each individual submission.
  • Immediate Feedback: If submissions are invalidated or incomplete, consumers are notified immediately by text message or email.
  • Electronic Data: All program data is digitized and transcribed automatically, as are consumer entries. This means lower error rates in customer data, pre-digitized receipts and purchase information.
  • Sophisticated Fraud Detection: Sophisticated fraud detection measures are implemented in the system to ensure that the same receipt images cannot be submitted multiple times. Our fraud detection systems are the best in the business.
  • Use Cases for our Purchase Validation Solution: Our new purchase validation solution is ideal for multi-channel brands looking to do promotional marketing tied to purchases. These include:
    • Rebates
    • Coupons
    • Gifts-with-purchase
    • Sweepstakes 
    • Loyalty Programs

Additionally, the same solution can be utilized for branding programs that require any kind of image validation. Marketers could enable programs that encourage consumers to take photos of themselves with the product, or using the product in a particular manner and submit them for a reward. Our service operations team could just as easily validate such images – and send the consumers back an appropriate reward.


Snipp’s Purchase Validation solution make purchase-related marketing programs simpler for consumers to use, are more cost-effective for both consumers & brands, are easier to set up and provide brands with significantly more data. Sophisticated fraud detection, electronic data collection and full submission process transparency add to the overall robustness of the solution.

As a result these programs provide an immediacy of action, a transparency of the overall process and a simpler customer journey that their non-mobilized counterparts cannot possibly match. Call us to find out more!


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