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Qrackd: The Lure of Alcohol – with a QR code

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Qrackd: The Lure of Alcohol – with a QR code

I was hanging out at a bar downtown with some friends when I noticed a promotion on our table for brunch – with endless bloody marys and mimosas !

Never one to turn down a good brunch spread, I scanned the QR code that was conveniently placed front and center on our table. Imagine my disappointment when I could barely read the landing page! I was in a dimly lit bar and although I was reading on my iPhone 5 with the bright display, it was a non-mobile optimized page which was difficult to read.

The QR code linked to a post on the pub’s blog! Definitely a no – I am ready to hear more about a promotion and the best way to present the information is in easily digestible bites, not in a long post I need to pinch and zoom to read. While the deal is pretty good ($11.99 for brunch with a minim of 12 people) they could have made a landing page with the information (price, minimum, days valid, etc) and an online reservation button.

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