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QRackd: Capital Fringe Fail

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QRackd: Capital Fringe Fail

I care so much about QRackd and spreading the Snipp mobile gospel that I almost got trampled writing this post. No lie! Let me explain…

I like walking and exploring DC instead of riding in the hot crowded metro cars. A week ago, however, it was pouring and I decided on the metro as my mode of transportation.

As I decended into the busy station, by way of escalator, this is the first thing that my eyes saw:

QRackd: Capital Fringe Fail

Cool. I dig some “in-your-face” guerrilla marketing – it’s eye catching too.

By the time I land safely at the bottom of the escalators, I am greeted by a mad rush of people trying to catch the trains and buy tickets – not to mention the crowd behind me running off of the escalator.

Given the situation, there are a few things wrong with this particular advertisement:

  1. It’s on the FLOOR! In order to stop and see what the advertisement is for, I risk my life (see my dramatic introduction). By the time I hover over it and whip out my iPhone, open up my QR code App, I almost knocked over as I tried to snap a picture. MISTAKE #1.
  2. It’s in a dark metro station so I have to try and turn on my flash to get some light on the QR code. By the time it actually scans, there ist no cell service. MISTAKE #2.
  3. When I finally get cell reception to load up the QR code, it drives me to a website that is not optimized for mobile. BOOOOO! I’d rather just learn about the Capital Fringe Festival when I sit back down at my computer. MISTAKE #3.

Honorable Mention: No call to action on the floor advertisement. Why am I scanning this QR code?! Guess I’ll never know. I’m just glad I made it out alive to tell my tale.




Snipp’s Snippy Takeaway: Don’t put a QR code on the floor. Of a crowded metro center. At the bottom of an escalator.

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